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All documents are the property of Sean Crandell and Cycling Movement unless otherwise sited. Feel free to download and read at your own pleasure.


Please remember this is NOT medical advice! If you are experiencing pain use your best judgment and seek out a physical therapist by visiting This content is here to bring information to the people. Use it at your own risk.

Cycling Movement


Cycling Movement's mission is to condense health research and empower the cycling athlete. Its purpose is to inspire people to use movement as a vehicle for improved experience. May it be cycling or other, the world is best viewed in motion and so let's optimize it the best we can!




About Me

My name is Sean Crandell, doctor of physical therapy, certified athletic trainer, and avid cyclist in the city of Pittsburgh. I have raced in the past and am dipping my toes into all adventures that take me into the outdoors. I see cycling as a way to challenge myself physically, explore new places, and now as a source of intellectual creativity!


Contact me:

"The Cyclist" : How this site can help the cyclist

There is a lot of information out there. It is a storm full of recommendations grounded or ungrounded in scientific evidence. The field of movement science is fluid. New studies frequently come out that challenge preceding views. Deciphering between scientifically proven or disproven recommendations can be a nightmare, even for a health care professional. Through this platform I attempt to organize some of the research in a way that I, as well as you, can apply it in daily routine. Several topics I have chosen to explore on this platform include the following:


 1. The Bike Fit: it's no crystal ball


 2.Bone health


3. Weight training


4. Cycling in heat


5. Common Injuries


6. Recovery tools

PT Crandell's Book Club (virtual)

Reading is one of the best ways to grow empathy in a field (physical therapy) where humanity is central. Not only does a physical therapist have to be technically sound, they have to respect how their patient finds meaning in life. Given individual differences, one person's meaning will be different than another's. Books provide a context for how another human can find purpose. We, the reader, are then placed in a position where we can step in another's shoes and gain unique perspectives. For me, this helps me serve the human in front of me as opposed to their parts.


The books will range in topic and genre. See below for the next book and when it will occur. If you are interested in joining our next book club, email me at


Next book: Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present by Harriet A. Washington (July 12th, 7pm)