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Cycling Movement


Cycling Movement's mission is to condense health research and empower the cycling athlete. Its purpose is to inspire people to use movement as a vehicle for improved experience. May it be cycling or other, the world is best viewed in motion and so let's optimize it the best we can! 




About Me

My name is Sean Crandell, doctor of physical therapy, certified athletic trainer, and avid cyclist in the city of Pittsburgh. I have raced in the past and am dipping my toes into all adventures that take me into the outdoors. I see cycling as a way to challenge myself physically, explore new places, and now as a source of intellectual creativity!


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"The Cyclist" : How this site can help the cyclist

There is a lot of information out there. It is a storm full of recommendations either grounded or ungrounded in scientific evidence. The field of movement science is fluid. New studies frequently come out that challenge preceding views. Deciphering between scientifically proven or disproven recommendations can be a nightmare, even for a health care professional. Through this platform I attempt to organize some of the research in a way that I, as well as you, can apply it in daily routine. Several topics I have chosen to explore on this platform include the following:


 1. The Bike Fit: it's no crystal ball


 2.Bone health


3. Weight training


4. Cycling in heat


5. Common Injuries


6. Recovery tools

"Endure" : How this site can help those with neurologic disease

As I continue through my schooling a common theme has been the importance of endurance training in populations with neurologic disease. More and more evidence is coming out describing the benefits people see when endurance training is added to typical physical therapy treatment (walking, dressing, fine motor skills etc...). We know how good endurance training is for the heart and lungs. Many of these people are largely sedentary and any exercise is hugely beneficial in getting all of the body systems in tip top shape. Conveniently, much of the research makes use of cycling as the mode of endurance training! Some of the neurologic diseases that I have explored on this site include:


1. Parkinson's Disease


2. Stroke


3. Dementia


4. Cognitive decline with aging

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